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Therapy Options Cost/Unit of Therapy Percent Therapy Units Consumed Percent Therapy Units Consumed    
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Note: You can mix the percent of Therapy X and Y for each Option A and B   `
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Component Cost/Unit Units Units Total Cost Total Cost Total Cost Percent of Incremental Incremental
    Consumed Consumed     Difference Total Cost Average Unit Average
    Option A Option B Option A Option B Incremental   Use/Patient Cost/Patient
*** TOTAL ***   -  

Tables adapted from: "Case Study: Cost of Illness Analysis" by Cox E. in Grauer D. et al.   
Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes.  
Am. College Clinical Pharmacy. Kansas City, Missouri.  
* Average cost per other prescriptions  
CT = computed tomography  
ED = emergency department  
EEG = electroencephalogram  
MRI = magnetic resonance imaging  
UC = urgent care  

Data Entry Form

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